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Sunday Sound + Energy Healing

April 21 @ 2:00pm | The Darling Den

 Hosted by Shewon and Jasie

Theme: Releasing Beliefs of Self that No Longer Serve Us

Stone Given: Tigers Eye - Representing Self Confidence + Inner Strength

 This event will be centered around wellness and an exploration of the body, mind, and spirit.  This will entail vibrational sound healing (sound bath), reiki therapy, smudging with herbs and an offering of a crystal to take home for each guest.   Shewon will play her singing bowls, invoking a state of meditation and relaxation through the vibrations and beautiful notes it emanates when played while Jasie places her hands slightly above your body or lightly on your body, helping you to focus on your breathing while you fall into a deep meditation or daydream.  This will be a 1-hour experience with a cost of $50.

What this event looks like:
We will be holding this event in the Rathskeller event space (the downstairs/basement of the Darling Den). You will enter through The Darling Den doors, and we will lead you to the space.  Wear your pajamas or something cozy and bring a yoga mat, pillow, and anything else that will make you most comfortable.  Your only job is to rest on your mat, take in the sound and allow the stress and anxiety to leave your body.

How to sign up:
Reservations are required.  Follow the link or go to and click on Classes. Tickets are $50 a person.   We have availability for 30 people.  Once the spots are taken up, we can happily put you on a waiting list if you are eager to join us.

Rise +Vibe @ The Hewing Hotel
Sunday April 28
The Darling Den is honored to be a part of The Hewing Hotel's, Rise + Vibe event! Here are the details of a truly blissful morning...
Rejuvenate in this half day “reflect + recharge” urban wellness retreat. Start with group yoga, then break into small groups & rotate through a curated experience of sauna, barre3, massage & ending with communal sound healing.

Manifesto Yoga - Yoga
Engage in a challenging yoga practice, with periods of free flow movements.

Stokeyard Outfitters - Thermaculture Sauna Experience
Experience an authentic steam aromatherapy practice, with light breathwork. Leave in a deep state of energized relaxation & clarity.

The Darling Den Massage Therapy - Micro Massage
Break into small groups for a 9-minute massage, tailored to a particular area of your body, to refocus your energy away from pain, tightness, or stress.

In between sessions…chill, relax & engage with TDD's aesthetician. Create a customized mask, with raw compounds that will be perfect for you. This mask is a take-a-way to be used outside of Rise + Vibe.

Barre3 - Strength, Cardio + Mindfulness
Engage in an efficient & effective 40-minute balanced workout, leaving you feeling successfully empowered.

Annie Fitzgerald – Sound Healing
Surrender to the sound of sacred voice, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, shakers & chimes to clear energetic blockages & enter into a deeply restorative & meditative state.

20-Minute Breaks
At the end of each practice, you will be provided with a healthy lite bite & beverage, as you're gently ushered to your next workshop.

Check-In: 7:30am – 7:50am. Arrive in this window to save your space.
• Robes & towels provided.
• Bring your own slip-on shoes, for workshop transitions & sauna experience.
• Bring a yoga mat. (Consider bringing a cozy blanket, pillow & eye mask for sound healing.)
• Provide dietary restrictions in the question box provided.
• If you would like to be in the same group with a friend/s, give their first & last name in the question box. We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but can't guarantee.
• Wear/bring clothing appropriate to get wet during your sauna experience.
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