Peace of Mind – $125 - 60 minutes
The Standard Facial. Plant based facial, specifically tailored, to meet your healthy lifestyle and skin care needs. This purely, organic facial is completely customized, meaning your masks will be mixed and prepared for your skin only.  This facial promotes cellular rejuvenation and an overall glow in the skin.

Lift Me Up – $145 – 60 minutes
he Gua Sha Facial.  This plant based facial, follows your lymphatic path, to give you all the benefits of lifting and detoxing the skin. Gua Sha, aka “eastern botox”, is known to give the skin a natural lift, detoxification, stimulates your facial muscles and will relieve tension and sinus in the face.   

The Healer – $145 – 60 minutes 
The Extraction Facial.  This facial is tailored for those who need extra extractions and assistance in healing their skin. It will help to promote healing to existing or ongoing reactions.  We will infuse Goldenseal and use high frequency to ensure the skin on the path to healing.    

Blow Me Away – $175 – 75 minutes
The Oxygen Facial. Cool air combined with a hyaluronic serum that contains the tiniest molecules, specifically chosen for your skin type, to achieve the deepest penetration of products into the skin. This facial is like magic for all skin types.  You will embrace immediate results with this perfectly balanced combination of hyperbaric oxygen and hyaluronic layering. Whether you need healing, lifting, brightening or balancing, this facial does it all. 

Daymaker – $225 – 90 minutes
The Everything Facial.  This facial will last the longest and give you the glow you have always craved.  We are doing the best of every facial in this one…a deep exfoliation, a Gua Sha lift and detox, hyaluronic layering with the Oxygen machine and while you are masking, plant proteins will soak into your skin while receiving a hand and arm massage. This facial will make you feel like your very best self…glowing from the inside out.

Sunkissed Facial - $200 - 75 Minutes - The Soothing Facial.  Calm, sensitive, sun drenched skin, with cool towels, oxygen and an aloe jelly lift off mask. This facial nurtures sunburns, sensitivities and reduces infalmmation. 

Quick Fix – $75 – 30 minutes
The Express Facial. This facial is for those on a time crunch and focuses on a quick, deep cleansing of the skin, typically targeting one goal, that we will determine before your facial.

Back Facial - $75 - 30 minutesWe've got your back.  This treatment consists of a deep cleansing ritual that will resurface, clarify and restore the skins texture, while saturating it in nutrients. Your skin will feel like brand new.

For all facials, you can expect:  Consultation, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, mask and moisturizing, included with your service.

Facial Add Ons: $25 Each

Jelly Lift Off Mask - sooth skin with this ultra thick, soothing, jelly facial mask. 

High Frequency – “zaps” breakouts and diffuses redness, promotes healing

Gua Sha – aka "Eastern Botox" uses a cold stone to lift, detox and brighten, the skin

Eye Treatment – cold eye pads infused with collagen, reduces puffiness, dark circles and brightens eye area

Lip Treatment – heal and hydrate, dry, irritated lips, with an infusion of collagen, hyaluronic and vitamin c

Atoxelene (Botox in a Bottle) – botanical peptides and hyaluronic soften specific fine lines paired with oxygen. This treatment does not cover the entire face, unless you are receiving the oxygen facial. When paired with any other facial, it will be used in 1 or 2 areas that are important to you.