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2 Hours – $300
A journey to find mindfulness and total appreciation for your state of being.
Employing multiple massage modalities, including deep tissue, and stretching.  This extensive muscle manipulation treatment will help your body feel recovered from pain, stress, and tension, you may be experiencing. 
1.5 Hours – $225
Make it a true getaway by putting yourself in a complete state of ease.
. Applying relaxation and targeted massage techniques, specific to your body's needs.  This elongated muscle massage session will clear your mind and renew your body.
1 Hour - $150
Surrender time and turn off the outside world; for a moment, only you matter. Implementing directed massage methods, to a particular area of your body, will refocus your energy away from pain, tightness, or stress you may be feeling.
Additions. - $50 Each
*  CBD Massage Oil - Adding CBD to your massage can help calm inflammation, soothe anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and melt tension.  No extra time is added to this massage.
*  Scalp Ritual - Our scalp ritual is designed to sooth tension, promote circulation, and nourish the hair/scalp.  Warm jojoba oil, infused with rosemary, will drench your hair, while your therapist does an invigorating yet soothing massage to boost circulation and feed the hair follicles.  Next, your hair will be wrapped in a warm towel to encourage the oils to be fully absorbed.  15 minutes will be added onto massage with this treatment.  
*  Foot Reflexology - Gentle pressure will be applied to specific points on the feet to alleviate stress, promoting unity and calm within the body.  15 minutes will be added onto massage with this treatment.
*  Cupping - Cupping is an ancient healing therapy used to relieve pain. Cups are placed on the body, creating a pressure that helps to release tension, break up adhesions, increase blood and lymph circulation, remove toxins, and even help reduce anxiety.  15 minutes will be added onto massage with this treatment.
*  Gua Sha - A traditional Chinese massage technique, done by using a smooth-edged tool, to gently scrape or stroke the skin, in specific areas of tensions. Gua Sha can be very helpful for releasing tight muscles, breaking up adhesions or "knots", clearing energetic blockages and improving circulation.  15 minutes will be added onto massage with this treatment.
Couples Massage Available Upon Request.
Aromatherapy Included with All Treatments.
Care and Total Acceptance with All Humans, Always.
The Darling Den is a Place of Talent, Appreciation and Kindness.
We can’t wait to meet you.
When Booking for The Hewing Hotel location, please call/text The Darling Den: 651-358-3916